Rivera Consulting, Inc. seeks to unlock heart, skills, and minds of stakeholders and change agents to collaborate on transformative public policy, community empowerment, and planning projects that are needed to improve and sustain our quality of life, where we live, work, and play.  

As a women-based firm, Rivera Consulting, Inc. brings order, sequence, and outcomes for clients at the intersection of people, planning and politics. We are motivated by progress and results. We understand the ebbs and flow of living in a globalized economy and its political systems while sustaining the commons. Most importantly, we are inspired by countless people across this country and world that wake up every day to provide for their families in the face of all the odds that market forces and politics create. 

We can and must do better.

The way we do better for our clients is to take their old playbook, keep what works, and innovate a new path to obtain desired results. We leverage our public sector senior management background to set up systems for team collaboration and engage in political work [partisan, 501 (c)(3), and 501 (c)(4)] to inform policy change.

Ultimately, politics is about what is possible and our approach expands and deepens the scope of what is possible by coaching a new generation of social change agents, transforming social justice philanthropy, and democratizing research/politics. By focusing on these fronts, the foundation of Rivera Consulting, Inc. is challenging the democratic center and left to leave old practices behind and lean into a new emerging country - one where women and people lead the work. 

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