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We believe in including and involving everyone in the political process. A redesigned political system is centered on  inclusion, not exclusion. The most successful social movements are intergenerational, intersectional and cross-cultural.


The system divides us. Cross-cultural collaboration, empathy and cooperation are what will unite us, and dramatically disrupt the status quo and encourage a true democracy.


Our work extends beyond the geography of one race or campaign. We are learning to have a stake in each other’s humanity while fighting for fairness and justice for all.

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We cannot do this work without a dose of consistent joy and justice - the steadfast belief that only together can we forge an inclusive democracy and country. We believe people-powered politics is what will spark and enable positive change.


Our democratic political system has not fulfilled its promise of access, protection, and enfranchisement.  It’s time to redesign it, for the people and by the people. We’re using our creative problem-solving skills to move beyond “what’s been done” to transform how politics works for the people.