IN TODAy’s worlD and the one that is EMERGING, We are a movement-building firm committed to a bold and fierce re-imagination of the American social contract.

Our Mission.
To produce and shape a more inclusive public commons, Rivera Consulting, Inc., is committed to the co-creation, innovation, and co-advancement of a 21st-century social contract. Our team has a multidimensional professional background that includes urban planning, government, non-profit, public policy and political experience. We understand the opportunities and challenges that our clients face daily to be successful. We work directly with communities of color (US & Latin America), change agents, public sector anchor institutions (e.g. hospitals, municipalities, philanthropy, and nonprofits), and non-traditional political candidates at the intersection of people, planning and politics.

Our Work: We create learning organizations that can co-create and co-advance innovative public policy solutions and campaigns through people-centered research and evaluation tools, electoral campaigns and training, innovative asset mapping, and values-based organizational change management. We also combine urban planning and social science research to help measure and understand the impact of people centered and sustainable development. We work directly with communities of color (US & Latin America), change agents, and candidates at the intersection of people, planning and politics. We seek to unlock the hearts, skills, and minds of our clients to produce multidimensional social interventions, developmental evaluation tools, and community empowerment strategies to transform community participation. By bringing order, sequence, and infrastructure, we guarantee to measure progress and desired results. No other firm takes the old playbook, keep what works, and innovates a new path forward.

Our Clients. Deep democracy is an urban planning, political and social change tool kit that can support the paradigm shift necessary for a just transition. We offer community, academic, political, and corporate partners values based operational change management, stakeholder management, and staff coaching. Our staff and clients continue to be at the forefront, emerging as leaders that will support this generation of change agents – whether it’s changing hearts, helping elect more Democratic women and people of color, or transformative policy change to create a more sustainable earth. The transformation of our country is measured by the success of our clients.

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