Interviews, Ideas, and Deep Democracy Podcast

Listen to our team, as we share current events and stories from our clients and our approach as movement on our SoundCloud. Stay tuned in 2019, Rivera Consult Inc., will be launching a monthly podcast Deep Democracy, which is being produced by our podcast network partners Critical Frequency. This platform will be dedicated to exploring and showcasing current events and stories by activists, organizers, and movement building leaders in the 24-7 partisan gridlock that is modern American democracy.

Wilnelia and Gina break down everything from what's happening with newly elected women politicians across the country to Ocasio-Cortez's latest committee appearances to why everyone is so intent on Stacey Abrams running for Senate but not president. Then, guest Aimee Allison (founder of She the People and president of Democracy in Color) joins to talk about all the work underway to center women of color and organizers in the growing and increasingly powerful progressive movement.

Welcome to the politics show about moving forward, not getting mad, a show where we lift up movement builders and grassroots organizers and hold both political parties accountable for their role in creating the current messes in the U.S. government. Deep Democracy is about centering the people usually pushed to the margins, and the value that brings to all. Join us for a monthly conversation, beginning March 28th!

Republican Jenn Nassour and Democrat Jesse Mermell tee up a year-end conversation for the final 2018 installment of "Disagreeing Agreeably" on the Codcast. To help them, they brought in guests who lean left, political consultant and Fouder of Rivera Consult, Inc., Wilnelia Rivera, and right, Paul Craney of the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

Asked for a one-word description of politics for the year that was, their guests had starkly contrasting takes. For Craney, it was "boring," as he pointed to the big statewide races that held little suspense. Rivera, who was a strategist on the campaign that delivered the year's biggest upset, Ayanna Pressley's Democratic primary victory over 20-year incumbent congressman Mike Capuano, stuck with the rule by declaring as her word "#disruptthenarrative." Released, Friday, December 31st.