From Our Backyard to Yours: The Battle for Democracy

At Rivera Consulting, we work with candidates up and down the ballot and reproductive justice organizations that understand that in today’s world and the one that is emerging we need bold and fierce solutions that go beyond the status quo. For candidates, both in the way they campaign and serve the public. For organizations, both in the way they collaborate internally and serve their base.  Whom we choose to work with is not random. It is in service of a larger vision to reimagine the social contract and the possibilities of people-centered campaigns and governing, called deep democracy and movement building politics. While the chipping and eroding of our democratic norms and values continue, we believe that we need Democratic and movement leaders in the halls of government and decision-making authority that are working to restore trust in each other and our democracy.

One of the key focus areas for our team is working with political clients who are challenging the status quo of who becomes a candidate, who runs campaigns, who donates, and most importantly who votes. By engaging new people in a democratic primary, our party gets to have a conversation about what leadership means. Do we want elected officials who have been in the halls of power for decades and who want to make decisions as if it is business as usual? Or, do we elect progressives that deeply understand the urgency of now, that Washington must change how it works, and partner with the community to make this all possible?

In 2020, that answer for us in our own backyard is  Alex Morse (D) for MA-1 and Steve Pemberton (D) for US Senate. Both are uniquely positioned to have this conversation with voters and donors because their lived experiences are missing from our current Congress. Below is a quick snapshot.

●      Steve grew up in a foster system that failed him at almost every opportunity. He intimately understands the need for systemic change to our social programs that do not provide adequate support for the populations they are aiming to serve. His lived and professional experience is one touched by tragedy, kindness and triumph. He’s running for Senate because he understands the social change Massachusetts deserves can’t be delivered by someone who simply shows up to vote.

●      Mayor Alex Morse also understands what it means to be forgotten by Washington, because he has experienced it first as a resident of Western Massachusetts, and then as the youngest and first openly gay Mayor of Holyoke. In his eight years in office, Alex has led the revitalization of a city that had lost key local industries in a region too often ignored by the more affluent and metropolitan areas of Massachusetts. In personal life, members of his family have struggled with access to healthcare and treatment services for opioid addictions. Alex wants to take his approach to collaborative and people centered governing to Congress to change how Washington works.

Challenging incumbency and entitlement in the Democratic Party remains unpopular amongst the establishment. But Rivera Consulting Inc is unencumbered by any DSCC or DCCC blacklist - our priority is to work with candidates who can lead this critical conversation on what leadership means at this juncture in our party and nation's history. Massachusetts has an opportunity to lead the conversation on what leadership in traditional halls of power looks like, and Rivera Consulting Inc. will continue to play a critical role in moving that conversation. From our candidates who vy to change what power means in Washington, to the women who want to make municipal government a place where change making advocacy can happen, we are here to restore trust in each other and our democracy.

To keep up with Steve Pemberton’s campaign for Senate and Alex Morse campaign for Congress check out the Rivera Consulting Inc. In the News page.You can also catch us on our monthly Deep Democracy podcast - and at our November live show! Stay tuned for details.